Here you'll find testimonials and recommendations from people who've stayed in the center. If you want to leave a testimonial too, you're welcome to send it on our Facebook page or drop us an email at anacondacosmicacenter@gmail.com.

Thank you for an amazing time there for the 11 days of growth. Please give my love and thanks to Guillermo :))) He is dear to my heart, and so grateful for the healing space…

Wendy – USA

After our last visit in july, we would like to thank you and Anaconda team ! We're still thinking of the extraordinary moments we had with you and maestro Guillermo, and we are pleased to stay in contact on Facebook. Best regards, light & care.

Rachel & Eric – Tahiti

Inspired by the documentary D'Autres Mondes (Other Worlds) made by Jan Kounen, I arrived at the Anaconda shamanic center in march 2011 and I stayed there 10 days + 2 in nearby city, Iquitos. I must say that from the beginning i could feel the positive energy that was in the center. The guiding staff was very friendly and kept me informed with everything i needed to know. Even if in the beginning i was a little reserved about what I will achieve there, my experience at Anaconda Cosmica was absolutely AMAZING !

It brought the ultimate proof I needed to experience the spiritual realm of existence. During my stay, I participated at 4 ceremonies. The second one was absolutely amazing. I have never ever experienced anything more intense and as complex like that before. My intention was to learn more about this universe and in return I got so much ! My belief is that I was in Nirvana, the dimension of unlimited unconditional love, peace and harmony, the love core of the universe, where I was connected with all life and my creator.

The experience brought so much to me that I still get chills just by remembering it. It shifted my life into a whole new positive direction, more in tune and connection with the universe. It is something so big, so profound, so complex that it's so hard to explain in words. The place is absolutely lovely and you will feel a strong connection to nature there. Sleeping at night in the tambos located straight in the jungle, is another experience that will help you fight your own fears.

The sacred Ayahuasca can really act as a spiritual catalyser and shift your life into a new levels of understanding. It is something I recommend to any consciousness explorer but also to anybody else who has any kind of personal problems and doesn't know how to overcome them.

Paul – Great Britain

Anaconda Cosmica was an amazing setting for a life changing experience. After only 11 days there I felt like the place was a second home. The connection made between myself and the plants was phenomenal. I can't possibly put the experience I had into words. But what I can say is that the I learnt incredible things about the nature of reality and my role on this planet.The insights into my personal relationships and my genetic/spiritual heritage were astounding. The plants helped reveal information that has benefited me greatly in how I interact with my friends, family and society as a whole.

The accommodation was ideal. Even within the comfort of my tambo I was only metres away from nature. The trees, insects and animals would sing at night, the interplay of sounds really highlighted the interconnectedness of the environment. My first thought on arriving was "I can't believe how lucky I am to spend time here. I'm in Paradise". I look forward to the day I can return to Anaconda Cosmica and work again with such an amazing Shaman. But it must be said that it's the entire community of this centre that makes it so lovely. The wonderful cook, kind hearted Medicine man and all the other helping hands and staff really make this place something special. I highly recommend the centre to anyone interested in experiencing and studying the plant medicines.

Link – Australia

Mon expérience au centre Anaconda s'est révélée très positive. J'ai l'impression d'avoir avancé vers une meilleure connaissance de moi même et être plus proche de mes ressentis. Depuis mon retour, ma vie se dessine plus clairement, je fais plus confiance à mon intuition et je sens quelle se développe… De plus, ne parlant que le Français je remercie les différents traducteurs qui m'ont aidé. J'ai senti de la bienveillance dans ce centre. Merci !!!!!

Lilian – France

My first experience with Ayahuasca took place in Iquitos, under the guidance of Maestro Guillermo at Anaconda Cosmica. It was an entirely positive, yet challenging experience and reminiscing about the short, yet tremendously profound week spent at Anaconda Cosmica fills my heart with joy, love and hope. I left the jungle feeling empowered within and determined to cherish and share the positive vibrations that I experienced.

Although basic, the level of accommodation and amenity offered was sufficiently comfortable and I was extremely well cared for by the staff and Maestro Guillermo. I feel that lasting bonds were formed and I sincerely look forward to visiting the friends I made again in the near future. It is without hesistation that I recommend Anaconda Cosmica.

Nathalia – Australia