Anaconda Cosmica
We're proud to welcome you on our website. Here you will find all the information you need in order to get healing through Ayahuasca ceremonies with Master Guillermo Arevalo (kestenbetsa), Don Walter Guimaraez and Doña Ercilia Ahuanari Brito Shipibo Shamans.

Anaconda Cosmica Healing Center (previously Espiritu de Anaconda) in Iquitos (Peru) provides an overall healing process for individuals and group retreats all year round.
The healing process includes:

Ayahuasca ceremonies
Plant baths
Flower baths
Steam baths
Shipibo Massage
Medicine plants
Laundry service
WiFi Internet

Events 2013

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In this workshop includes:
7 Ceremonies ·  7 Master power plants ·  3 Plant baths
2 Steam baths ·  1 Repote ·  1 Emetic ·  3 Shipibo massages ·  2 Conferences
Accomodation ·  Meals ·  Laundry ·  Wi-Fi ·  Transfer from airport

Dates available for this workshop:
1st to 10th September
8th to 18th December

For men and women who want to attract the love of their life forever.
Are you in love?
Do you suffer for love?
Cannot find the love of your life?
Do you not love?
Are you alone without a partner?

10 days of pure love includes:
Love Ceremony
Love Icaros
Baths with love plants
Perfume with love plants Spiritual Marriage

Come participate in this seminar and find your love!

Dates available for this workshop:
9th to 18th June
1st to 10th October

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Feel free to contact us for more information or to book your stay. For booking, let us know at what time you arrive at the airport and how long you stay, and we’ll come to pick you up at the airport. We’ll reply as soon as we can.

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